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Stories of a Stories of a Mare

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Stories of a Stories of a Mare

 Hello my name is Shirin and I´m a12 year old Spanish Arabian mare. My two leg gave me that name, but how I tell you later. I lived with my flock in the mountains and at that time the bipeds ignored us and we them. When food was scarce, we had to walk far to the cows, but from there the bipeds chased us always away. Then that terrible day came. Many bipeds turned up with a big truck and they drove and beat us into a corner. Three mares and I could escape, but the others were driven to the truck. Our leading Stallion, my father, defended himself until he broke his neck and they just threw him on the truck. Since then we hid us and it was hard to find food and water without being seen by a biped. We four were pregnant and without protection, as we met a donkey and he became our new protector. We got our foals with the hope to get them thrugh, because we had to fight with ticks, horse flies and other pests.

As Dama, was nearly 2 years old, her sister was born, Coqueta a mule.

Stories of a Stories of a Mare
Stories of a Stories of a Mare
Stories of a Stories of a Mare

Coqueta was two months old when again bipeds had discovered us and they chased us through the rocks. Dama fell off a cliff and disappeared into the bushes. Gradually, the herd reached the hideout. Dama had severely injured his left hind leg and a rib broken, she was not able follow us anymore.

The next aeared again a bipod, but instead to be chased, she spoke very quietly with us. Why this bipod knew our hiding place?

Bipod came closer and didn’t stop making these soothing sounds, and then she put on the ground something orange coloured. We were scared, but also a bit curious. Bipod went away a bit, stands back and stopped talking. I slowly walked up to the orange, it smelled delicious and I decided to try it. Bipod didn’t move. The gift tasted good and I ate it up. Bipod then went quietly speaking to Dama down into the bushes and we heard Dama smacking.

From then on bipod came every day and shouted from far Shiriiiiiiiiiiin and we went to our usual meeting point. She always called me Shirin, my daughter in the bushes Dama, Coqueta the mule and the orange thing, carrots.

So slowly we trusted our two-legged and ate out of her hand. We communicated with sounds and signs.

Today I hurt myself on the forehead and the blood has glued to my eyes, I can not see anything. I can hear bipod calling, but I´m not able to go to our meeting point, so I call back. Bipod calls and I answer. Will she find me?

Bipod had found me and pushed me softly speaking a carrot in my mouth. So close bipod has never been, I felt that bipod stroked me and I showed her my teeth just in case as a precaution, but bipod just carried on. Bipod had reached my eyes, gently removed the blood and opened my eyes, then I got my carrots.

Then it was Damas turn again. It seemed she felt a bit better.

The next day, my wound was bleeding again and my bipod brought another bipod with a truck. What does this mean? Both went to Dama into the bushes. My bipod came shortly to see me, and gave me and Coqueta carrots and made us to understand to follow her.

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